Michael Jordan Cowardly Fires Darius Miles


I don't know, Coach. I don't want to show up the owner.

In a Machiavellian personnel move more sinister than Octavian Caesar sending Mark Antoni to Egypt, Bobcats owner and known megalomaniac, Michael Jordan, has terminated the contract of the incomparable Darius Miles. There’s no doubt that this move was not about winning games. We all know that Miles was set to dominate the league, averaging numbers that would make Wilt Chamberlain and his hotels full of female companions blush, and in the process obliterating Jordan’s status as the Greatest of All Time. Always great at anticipating on-court action, Jordan saw the devastation coming, and he nixed it. We lost the lead story of the season because of Michael’s arrogance. Now we have to start looking at these three players in Miami as some sort of attraction. Ridiculous.


2 Responses to “Michael Jordan Cowardly Fires Darius Miles”

  1. pmadavi Says:

    He will burn in hell for what he took away from the world.

  2. High Above Courtside Says:

    This looks to me as another one of the “tequilla posts” ( see June ’10) I didn’t know that there would be a series of them, but I like it.

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