Boston vs. Miami Reaction


Eerily reminiscent of a Celtics – Cavs game with Boston getting their offense on continuity and movement while Cleveland (I mean Miami) got its points almost solely on isolations and high pick and roll plays for LeBron.

I don’t think we can tell much of anything from this game. Wade and Bosh played horrible basketball most of the game. That isn’t likely to happen too often. The only weakness that might have been exposed was in LeBron, who ironically had a strong game. LeBron’s lack of reliable moves in the post really left the Cavs (I mean Heat) empty on a few positions where he caught the ball in deep post position. His hesitancy and inability to get off a quick go-to move allowed the Boston bigs to trap him and force him into awkward off-balance shots. At this stage in his career, Bron, whose physical ability positions him to be the most versatile player in the league, ONLY knows how to play point forward. His off-the-ball game just hasn’t been developed because of the way he’s played his whole career. He or Wade will have to figure out movement, post ups, and spot shooting to find ways to complement each other. Jordan did exactly those things in order to let Pippen flourish as a point forward.

Boston looked good, but I still want to see more interior scoring. Most of the their paint points were created by Rondo (actually most of their points from all ranges were created by Rondo and his 17 assists). They should have won that game by about 25 points as poorly as the Heat played, but they settled for jumpers and turned the ball over in their over-passing ways. Luckily Ray and Pierce were lights out in the second half so it panned out, but they need to get back to establishing post game and pick and roll penetration to get easier buckets.

My favorite moment of the game came on a Shaquille O’Neal (played a nice game – fit in, defended, stayed aggressive on offense) free throw. A well-endowed Miami Heat fan sitting behind the basket bounced her big shamrocks at the Big Shamrock. It didn’t work, but it was as good an attempt at defending O’Neal as anyone wearing a Heat outfit made all night.

Double Dribble - Pure Lowest Common Denominator!


2 Responses to “Boston vs. Miami Reaction”

  1. pmadavi Says:

    That did look ridiculously like a Cavs game.

  2. frank joash Says:

    So beauty

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