Kevin McHale – Great Analyst, Terrible GM


I don’t get it. Gumby is great to watch on TNT and NBAtv. He makes good points, and he has a great handle on the league. He’s probably the most astute observer in the Turner studio panel (apologies to Kenny Smith). So why couldn’t he do the job in Minnesota? Was it the salary cap, difficulty luring free agents to that frozen city that I suffered in for one dark, cold winter, or bad luck? Getting caught paying Joe Smith under the table didn’t help, and signing Michael Olowakandi is obviously an NBA death-knell. Maybe it was just incompetence, but it’s hard to understand how someone who sounds so smart could be so dumb.


2 Responses to “Kevin McHale – Great Analyst, Terrible GM”

  1. pmadavi Says:

    Yeah, but if you listen to him carefully, he talks mostly about how/why a play develops, and then praises the good characteristics of the players who were involved. And mumbles something about how they have their downsides, but IF they can play like that all the time . . .

    I think he can’t help himself. Like all great players, they don’t understand why other talented people don’t commit the way they did.

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