Boston and Miami Show Strengths in Stereo Blowouts


While the Miami Heat were blowing out the Phoenix Suns on national TV, the Boston Celtics were demolishing the Washington Wizards on Fahx Spoarts Net Bahston.  The games were similar in many regards, and both are blueprints for success for their respective teams.  They dominated defensively, while using superior passing and rebounding to control the game.  As is true of both teams, when three stars show up on a single night, they are pretty much unbeatable.  Here are some notes from the games.

  • Miami controlled FG% by 10.3%, 54.7% to Phoenix’s 44.3%.  Boston’s difference was ever greater against the ailing Wizards.  They outshot them by a full 27% – 65.8% versus 38.8%.
  • Both teams shot fewer free throws than their opponents.  Both the Heat and Celtics do not like allowing buckets at the rim and will foul opponents and make them shoot.  Contrast this with a Lakers game, where they intentionally save their fouls – “if you got this far, just make the shot.”
  • Both teams hit two more three points than their opposition.  Boston and Miami get lots of open threes because of their ball movement and spacing.  When they have got both going, they can really dismantle teams.
  • Both teams out-rebounded their opponents.  The Heat won their battle 42-32, including a 9-6 edge in offensive rebounds.  The Celtics surpassed the Wizards 40-36.  Defensive rebounds are a key for both teams.  Both rely on transition offense for easy point after strong defensive stances.
  • Both victors passed more effectively as well.  Miami had 29 assists, versus Phoenix’s 29.  And Boston had 32 assists on 50 field goals.  That was 20 more assists than Washington.
  • Both teams also kept their turnovers lower than their opposition.  An obvious key to victory.

3 Responses to “Boston and Miami Show Strengths in Stereo Blowouts”

  1. jpalumbo Says:

    Then Boston lost to the Thunder without Durant and Jeff Green. Now it’s time to panic. See that’s how it works. Things are either so good that nothing could ever go wrong, or so bad that everything needs to change. It’s modernity.

  2. High Above Courtside Says:

    And as a follow-up the Celt’s lose to Toronto! With Atlanta on the docket tonight. By the way the Hawks swept the Celt’s last year. Missing Rondo is some of the problem, but getting lazy with their D is the real problem.

    Sounds like topics for turkey day dialogue to me.

  3. pmadavi Says:

    Ultimately, health and fine tuning matter a lot more to Boston than overall record. I don’t think these little losses here and there to lesser teams mean much. As long as they finish anywhere in the top eight in the East, they’ve got a great chance to get to the Finals again. That’s the only real measuring stick for them – can they get to the Finals.

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