Suns belive Vince can rise from the ashes?


It’s tough to tell exactly what the Suns are trying to accomplish with the 6 player swap they’ve pulled with the Orlando Magic.  To recap the deal:

Suns lose – SG/SF Jason Richardson, SF/PF Hedo Turkoglu, PF Earl Clark

Suns gain – SG/SF Vince Carter, SG/SF Mikael Pietrus, C Marcin Gortat

Looks like a cap-space move doesn’t it?  Either that or a desperation attempt to make addition by subtraction by dumping Hedo.  Let’s face it at this point the best case scenario for Vince Carter is a break even replacement of Jason Richardson.  Half-Man Half-Amazing is looonnnggg gone.  Personally I think he’s a step back given how well JRich has been performing so far.  Pietrus is going to try to find minutes among the Carter / Hill / Childress / Dragic guard-forward rotation.  Gortat could help a lot if he can integrate himself into the run-n-gun offense with his defensive size and rebounding, but he could really gunk up the free flowing offensive style.

Maybe the Phoenix training staff and Steve Nash can squeeze the remnants of Carter’s greatness from his banged up body and ego.  If that happens and Gortat finds his way in the offense, this is a good basketball decision.  If not this is something of a lateral move that gets them out from under Turkoglu’s unconscionable contract.  Either way it’s a win for the organization, but only the former leads to actual wins on the court.


7 Responses to “Suns belive Vince can rise from the ashes?”

  1. pmadavi Says:

    Here’s the thing though, that magical Phoenix training staff might just breath new life into Half-Man, Half-Season.

    • jpalumbo Says:

      I hope so. Not sure how to feel for JRich and the other exSuns. They are joining a better team, but no Steve Nash. Is defense and winning more fun than Steve Nash and scoring?

      Jason Palumbo

      Sent from my iPhone

  2. Shirley Says:

    JP- Haven’t heard in from you lately. Where’s that blog!??

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