LeBron Explains Classics


Let’s look back at one of our favorite explanations!

Remember, when LeBron said he wanted contraction, and then said he did not know what contraction was at the time?  Here, LeBron explains what happened to league talent:

Hopefully the league can figure out one way where it can go back to the ’80s where you had three or four All-Stars, three or four superstars, three or four Hall of Famers on the same team,” James said. “The league was great. It wasn’t as watered down as it is [now].

[Contraction] is not my job; I’m a player but that is why it, the league, was so great,” James said.

But then later he explained:

“That’s crazy, because I had no idea what the word ‘contraction’ meant before I saw it on the Internet,” James said after the Miami Heat’s practice Monday. “I never even mentioned that. That word never even came out of my mouth. I was just saying how the league was back in the ’80s and how it could be good again. I never said, ‘Let’s take some of the teams out.’ ”


And of course, we’re all still waiting to hear about that 2010 dunk contest!


One Response to “LeBron Explains Classics”

  1. High Above Courtside Says:

    Reposted ….. Originally posted on 1/14/11

    If the late, great Captain Louis Albano was still alive he would describe Bron with one of his favorite phrases “a mental midget”

    (Apologies to those who might take offense, this is not my phraseology but Albano’s)

    The late Eddie Stankey would characterize Bron as an “all star from the neck down”


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