The NBA Needs Expanded Boxscores


As you can see, MmmHOIG, the current box is devoid of value.

One of the great things about basketball is the relatively few stats that are officially kept.  You can always look at the points, rebounds, and assists, and get a general feel for the persuasion and value of the player.  Over the years, the NBA has decided to increase the number of stats kept – for exampling adding minutes played and blocked shots to the official box score.  And while the box score is currently great as it is, I think that the NBA should start keeping some extended stats and making them available to the public.  Here are some of the stats that I think can be fairly easily tracked and would help further define the impact of a player on a game.

  • Blocks for Possession:  This would be a subset of the block statistic.  It would simply track each block that results in a defensive rebound.  This would allow the reader to get a feel for how effective the blocked shots were.
  • Blocks to Baskets:  Conversely, it would be great to keep track of each block that lead directly to a scoring possession for the other team.  These blocks usually come as a result of late rotation and leave the interior open to offensive rebounding.
  • Blocks for  Rebounds:  This would track the middle ground.  Simply put, it would track shots that are blocked directly out of bounds, for a team offensive rebound.
  • Swats:  Currently, the individual on the defense that gathers a loose ball from the offensive team is given the steal.  While there is clearly great value in securing the possession, it would also be great to know who knocked the ball loose.  The swat stat would keep track of each time a defender created a loose ball that is recovered by the defensive team.
  • Passes for Free Throws:  This stat would track passes that lead to a shooting foul.  Currently, if an offensive player receives a pass under the basket, and is fouled in the act of shooting but does not make the field goal attempt, the field goal attempt is not recorded.  This means an assist cannot be recorded either, even if the play leads to two made free throws.  This category would allow this action to be credited, without altering the number of assists or field goals recorded in the stand boxscore.

Many teams already use their assistant coaches to track stats like these, but this info is internally kept and not available to the general public.  It would be great to be able to check out these commonly occurring plays and play results on a regular basis, rather than just when some intrepid soul decides to spend countless hours sifting through play-by-play logs.

5 Responses to “The NBA Needs Expanded Boxscores”

  1. jpalumbo Says:

    Gimme: Charges drawn; Hockey Assists; Smack Talk Thrown Down

  2. Sean Says:

    I’m pretty sure that you’re wrong about steals. It’s left up to the official scorer’s judgment on who caused the change of possession to give that player credit for the assist, similar to how players will sometimes be given credit for a rebound when they tap it back out to a player on the perimeter.

  3. Sean Says:

    i mean steal, of course

    • pmadavi Says:

      Having a hard time finding the rule online. If it is up to the discretion of the official scorer, they seem to lean to the person who secures the ball.

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