Sunday Showcase Notes


As American Football comes to a close, the NBA is starting to showcase its best teams on Sundays.  Our first taste was a double dip of two great match-ups.  The Miami Heat defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder, and the Celtics beat down their hated rival Lakers.  Here are some notes from the games:

  • Miami’s best lineup seems to be Bosh, LeBron, Wade, Miller, and Jones.  Miller and Jones are deadly from three point range.  They space the floor for James and Wade.  Bosh continues to do a great job of offensive rebounding and mid range jump shooting.
  • Did you see Wade and James muscle Durant into tough shots?  That’s a defense that requires the refs complicity, but it’s worth a shot if Durant is killing you, the way he was killing the Heat in the first quarter.
  • The Heat won because Coach Spoelstra would not allow the Heat to stand around and watch LeBron James.  He used time outs and substitutions wisely to force his players to keep moving on offense and take the focus off having LeBron make everything happen.
  • In the end, LeBron passed up a three point shot for himself to get a wide open Eddie House the ball.  House drained the jumper, and team basketball proved once again to be more clutch than any single player.
  • When Kobe Bryant decides he needs to take over games, the Lakers lose.  I haven’t seen a single player so selfishly demolish his teams hopes in the fourth quarter since last time the Lakers played the Celtics.  Kobe took half of the shot in the fourth.  Kobe had no assists in the game, but took insanely tough shot after insanely tough shot.
  • In contrast, the Celtics expertly shared the ball.  They got clutch buckets from Garnett, Allen, Pierce, Big Baby, and Nate Robinson in the fourth quarter.  Ball movement helped the Celtics shoot 53% from three.
  • Like the Heat, the Celtics proved that team basketball is more clutch than any amazing individual performance.

4 Responses to “Sunday Showcase Notes”

  1. High Above Courtside Says:

    Perhaps more accurately said is “like the Celtics the Heat proved that ………………..

  2. pmadavi Says:

    No, I go by chronological order. Not by slurping on the Celtics order.

  3. High Above Courtside Says:

    Yeah, given the all the accomplishments of the Heat in the annuls of league history and especially considering how the Heat have lived up to all the hype and smoke and given the chronologically order in the standings of the eastern conferenceso far that makes sense.

  4. pmadavi Says:

    Nobody cares but you. Besides, the Heat and Celtics have won the same number of championships in the past 20 years.

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