TNT All-Star Picks Debate


It’s funny to watch the dichotomy between Kenny Smith’s perspective on recognition of greatness on the court and that of Charles Barkley and Chris Webber.  Kenny, never an All Star but two times a starter on a championship team, was happy to see 4 Celtics make the East All Star reserves, and he also wanted to see 3 Spurs make the West reserves, the third being Tony Parker.  Barkley and Webber, both multi-time All Stars who were the best players on contending teams but never actually won a title, support Kevin Love over Parker, a big statistical producer on a poor team.

I don’t think there’s a right and wrong to this question of whom commissioner Stern should grant the final West All Star spot to replace the injured Yao Ming, but the two camps couldn’t be further apart.  Do you reward contributing to a winning team without much statistical production or piling up what amount to meaningless stats in a losing situation?

Webber raised the argument that teammates and coaches have a huge impact on a player’s ability to win, thus production should trump team success.  Understandable from a guy who played some great ball for some miserable teams in Golden State and Washington.  Kenny countered that Magic Johnson had great teammates, and no one would have considered discounting him from All Star consideration, but that’s a spurious argument that ignores the fact Magic’s stats were just as impressive as his many 60+ win seasons.  A better argument might be that having good enough teammates to win a lot of games can impact how many opportunities a player has to pile up stats.

I tend to agree with Chuck and CWebb in this particular scenario.  Moses Malone in the early 80s was the last player to put up the kind of numbers that Kevin Love is this year.  It’s a historically strong season from a production stand point.  Plus he’s shooting 3s like Craig Hodges.  I’m not sure how big a deal that is.  It’s almost a curiosity on top of the points and rebounds, but it’s another something to set him apart, and to me it’s more interesting than being the French guy who cheated on Eva Longoria.


One Response to “TNT All-Star Picks Debate”

  1. pmadavi Says:

    I agree. Having the fortune to be good AND drafted by the Spurs doesn’t make you a bigger star than a 20-15 guy who shoots threes like an all-time great. That is to say, something we’ve NEVER seen before. Plus, like you said, he’s a cheating scumbum.

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