It’s Been Quiet


It’s been quiet in the LeBron Explains What Happened category.  He’s been quiet.  I guess winning does cure all.  But we’re hopeful for the upcoming All Star Break.

“I’m not just going out there for the game,” James said. “I’m definitely going out there for business. I will be a part of the labor talks. Even though it’s a huge game going on Sunday, there’s a lot of business that needs to be taken care of, too.”

I, for one, cannot wait to hear LeBron explain what happened in those meetings.

3 Responses to “It’s Been Quiet”

  1. High Above Courtside Says:

    HMMMMMMMM. LeBron part of the labor talks? Given his statements about contraction—–will he be participating on the side of the players, or on the side of the owners? Does he even know that there is a difference?

    • pmadavi Says:

      Contraction is actually pro-fan and anti player and ownership. That’s why I was so sad when LeBron explained about contraction. Anyway, I’m looking forward to hearing him explain the talks. It’s going to be very enlightening.

  2. Ravenation, L.L.C. of North America Says:

    LeBron explaining labor issues? Sure…


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