Simmons and Stern


David Stern and Bill Simmons participate in another spirited discussion regarding the state of the Association.  As usual, Stern is the consumate lawyer and politician.  Check it out.

Simmons does a decent job overall.  Stern’s a tough guy to hold to the fire, and big enough to ignore Simmons until one of them drops dead and never suffer a minute for it.  Not an easy interview.

Sometimes me and R-Buch get together and just laugh at the idea of Rich Eisen.


2 Responses to “Simmons and Stern”

  1. Ravenation, L.L.C. of North America Says:

    I like Simmons as a writer. My family was at Disneyworld one time and we rode the rides and they got stuck. Everybody was yelling and screaming but then Bill turned into an ice cream cake and saved the day. Now I read his columns but I wish he’d post more than once a year.


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