Carmelo Anthony Now a Knick


It’s true!  It’s true!  Carmelo Anthony has finally been traded from the Denver Nuggets.  The recipient of probably the most effortless scorer since George Gervin is the New York Basketball Knickerbockers.  Per, here are the details of the trade:

As a part of the deal, the Knicks will send Wilson Chandler, Raymond Felton, Danilo Gallinari, Timofey Mozgov and a 2014 first-round draft pick to the Nuggets, who would get additional picks and cash, the sources said. Along with Anthony, New York would acquire Chauncey Billups, Shelden Williams,Anthony Carter and Renaldo Balkman.

New York will send Anthony Randolph and Eddy Curry to Minnesota as part of the deal in exchange for Corey Brewer.

Overall, I’m not sure how much better this makes the Knicks.  Melo is an obvious upgrade from Gallinari, as good as the young Italian has been.  Billups is a dramatically different point guard than Felton, though with Melo, again, the offensive output of Felton may not be missed.  Melo should open things up for Amare Stoudemire some.  It will be interesting to see who becomes the first option, and who becomes the second option in the tandem.

Perhaps the most important thing about the trade is that Landry Fields is staying put.  Losing Gallo and Chandler hurts some, but Landry provides the shooting, defense, and hustle that they will lose.

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