Kendrick Perkins Celt Nation Turns Its Lonely Eyes To You Boo Hoo Hoo



Yeah, that’s how upset I am. I’m misquoting Simon & Garfunkel. This is the first time that’s happened since LA picked up Pau Gasol and I had to misquote, “How are you making trades this unfair? Kobe, Sage, Rosemary, Gasol.”

Not that I doubt Danny Ainge. He’s done too good a job for me to suspect his rationale on making personnel moves. I just hope he’s got some plan to shore up the center position that doesn’t include the phrase, “Once Shaq and Jermaine get healthy…” because that’s disaster. Garnett cannot defend Howard or Bynum. He just can’t. He’s barely big enough to contend with Pau. Baby has the strength to hold position against anybody this side of teammate Shaquille, but he’s too short to contest post moves from 7 footers.

Green’s more of a 3 than a 4 and nowhere near being able to play the 5. He’s a nice answer to the question of who’s going to back up Pierce, and he can sub KG too. I like the pick up. I just wish we hadn’t given up the best post defender in the conference to do it. The team defense will suffer as well without Kendrick making strong rotations and sweeping the boards. The good news is they’ve got a lot of experience playing without Perk at this point so (good lord I’m going to say it…) IF THE O’NEALS can get healthy… uggh.

Not sure how the Thunder are going to adjust to not having Green. He was their third leading scorer, and his ability to spread the floor helped keep the paint clear for Russell Westbrook to attack the paint with reckless abandon. Perkins will help their post defense tremendously, but neither he nor incumbent 4/5 Ibaka have notable range on their jump shots, which could confound Russell’s driving and thriving, and make Durant even more of stand still jump shooter by necessity.

On a personal note, Perkins was the second longest tenured Celtic on the team behind only Paul Pierce. We got to watch him grow up from a moody, teenage manboy mountain into a moody grown up man mountain. I’ll miss him and his Klingon scowl.


4 Responses to “Kendrick Perkins Celt Nation Turns Its Lonely Eyes To You Boo Hoo Hoo”

  1. High Above Courtside Says:


    Here is how I’m looking at it. As a life long fan of Captain Louis Albano; (which I’ve shared on this site before) one of the Captain’s favorite moves over the years (other than the foreign object in the trunks) was nailing an occasional opponent with a metal chair. Well the Celts new pick up Krstic, he must have been an Albano fan growing up too. Google Krstic and chair and catch him in action at a Greece vs Serbia game a few years ago. The Captain (God rest his soul) would be proud.

    So this has got to be good for the Celts………….right?………….right?……..

  2. pmadavi Says:

    I hate this move. They just lost their toughness up front (not that fake Garnett toughness, where he bullies guys and backs down as soon as he gets some contact back). And they just lost half of their spark off the bench. In a year when you have have at legit chance at taking that championship, this deal makes no sense.

    Shaq better be extra healthy when the playoffs start, because Howard will eat Krstic alive.

  3. sanderson Says:

    “Kobe, Sage, Rosemary, and Gasol.”
    I missed that before. However, I will be humming that the rest of the day. Thanks!

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