Point Guards on the Move


After the Carmelo trade finally went down, there were two relatively shocking developments.  First, Deron Williams was traded from Utah to New Jersey for Derrick Favors, walking injury Devin Harris, two first round draft picks and cash.  Meanwhile, the Clippers traded Baron Davis and their 2011 first round draft picks for Mo Williams and Jamario Moon.

The Jazz are clearly ready to rebuild, after ditching their longtime coach and locker room enforcer, Jerry Sloan.  The departure of Williams shows just how much they are ready for a new direction.  If you’re Paul Milsap and Al Jefferson, you have to wonder about your future.  What does this mean for the two stars, beside more and tougher shots?

Blake's MINE, you bastard!

Cleveland is obviously looking to rebuild as well, with a draft pick being added, their chances of landing Jared Sullinger have just increased.  Though, randomness hates planning.  Moon and Williams both have underachieved and Williams in particular, has spent too much time on the injured list.  Baron Davis’s contract and his inconsistency won’t get any better in Cleveland, where there is little to motivate a player like Davis.  You want effort from Baron?  Make it a one year contract.  He only plays during contract years.  It may be addition by subtraction for the Clippers . . . but they might feel a little dumb about giving up that draft pick, should the lottery ball bounce their way.  Moon and Williams will not improve the team at all.

This doesn’t change much in terms of the landscape of the league.  Utah was not going to really challenge in the playoffs anyway.  The Clippers and Cavaliers are side notes on the season.  Despite Blake Griffin’s explosion onto the scene as a superstar, the Clips are still awful.  And despite how badly the Cavaliers are doing, nobody expected them to get into the playoffs anyway.


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