NBPA Shows Solidarity


The National Basketball Players Association released the following statements today:

Last night’s vote by the Wisconsin Assembly was an attempt to undermine organized labor and the men and women across the country who depend on their unions for a voice in the workplace. The NBPA proudly supports our brothers and sisters in Wisconsin and their stand for unequivocal collective bargaining rights.

–Billy Hunter

Wisconsin public-sector workers tirelessly deliver services on a daily basis to millions of Wisconsin residents. The right of these hard-working men and women to organize and bargain collectively is fundamental. Wisconsin’s workers deserve better than last night’s vote. Today, our union stands proudly with our fellow union members throughout the state as they continue their fight.

–Keyon Dooling

As someone who has been involved in the battle against the destructive anti-worker agenda that Governor Walker is trying to implement, it heartens me to hear the NBPA come out on this issue.  I hope more players come out individually against this ongoing attack on middle class Americans.


3 Responses to “NBPA Shows Solidarity”

  1. jpalumbo Says:

    When did Keyon Dooling become so eloquent?

  2. BHoff Says:

    Likley as soon as somebody wrote the statement for him. But awesome none the less.

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