Boston Win Streak Impressive, Costly


Boston’s five game win streak came to an end last night.  Boston played exceptionally well during the stretch, despite having no more than nine players available for any of the games.  The short roster has taken its toll, though.  During the past seven games, Boston Celtics starters have regularly played 38 minutes per game.  Rondo has played a number of games with over 39 minutes.  Both Allen and Pierce have fluctuated from 34 though 39 minutes per.  Garnett, however, has played exactly 33 minutes in all of the game except for one, when he played 35 minutes.

It’s no surprise then, that the young Clippers were able to take advantage of Boston at home.  The Celtics should have their bench replenished soon enough.  For the time being, they seem capable of winning consistently with only eight or nine players.  But for everyone watching the Celtics, the minutes have to be a concern.

Damn! Is that Sheen swinging around in the hallowed rafters?


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