2011 Playoffs Day 2


Game 1 Spurs (W1) v. Grizzlies (W8)

The Griz sans Gay outlasted the Spurs sans Manu.  Another tremendous game played hard by both sides down to the bitter end.  It doesn’t look like San Antonio has enough size to defend the tandem of Gasol and ZBo this year, and without Manu, they may not have the firepower to outscore them 4 out of 7 times, particularly since they just lost the home court advantage.  Still it’s premature to write off Duncan and Pop.

Game 1 Lakers (W2) v. Hornets (W7)

Shhh… don’t tell the MVP voters, but Chris Paul might just be the best point guard in the league.  This was yet another fantastic, close game that came down to big plays in the last few possessions.  Kobe and Paul both carried their teams, but Paul did a little better at both ends.  LA had no one who could contend with him defensively, and he was hitting some very tough shots against set D as well.  Unfortunately for the Hornets, even though they stole this game and the homecourt advantage, it appears that they lost Aaron Grey in the process.  Normally that would be a small sacrifice, but on a size-challenged team that’s already short one David West, it may be a fatal ankle injury.

Game 1 Celtics (E3) v. Knicks (E6)

This was the common pick for an upset out East, and for most of the game it looked like the pundits might have it right.  However, just like in all the Boston / NY games in the regular season this one came down to execution at the end.  Boston ran a play and got Ray Allen a wide open 3 off an inbound cross-screen play.  New York tossed it to Carmelo deep outside the arc and asked for a miracle.  Today it didn’t happen.  But the Knicks have been right there in 3 of the 4 games against the Celtics this season, and it would just take one break for them to over the hump.  The Celts need to play with much better discipline and focus for 48 minutes if they want to take control of the series.

Game 1 Thunder (W4) v. Nuggets (W5)

ANOTHER close game, decided in the waning seconds.  One egregiously bad missed call turned this game in OKC’s favor.  Westbrook missed a tough shot that Ibaka, hand twined in the net, goal-tended back through the rim for 2.  No way was it legal, and somehow credit for the score went to Westbrook.  The swung the lead from the Nuggets to the Thunder.  After that tough shot-making from Durant and Westbrook secured the victory.  Close game that could have gone either way and another series that promises to be tight and entertaining throughout.

What a fantastic weekend of playoff hoops!  I don’t recall a bad game out of the bunch.  Boston won.  LA lost.  Who could ask for anything more to kick off the post-season?

5 Responses to “2011 Playoffs Day 2”

  1. TJ Says:

    Is be more happy if the while Boston team came down with food poisoning, causing therm to lose and Paul Pierce. Shitting himself on television!

    • jpalumbo Says:

      I would decry the poor sportsmanship and bad grammar, but I’ve been lighting a candle to Chthlu in hopes that the Lakers would find a way to lose. I MAAAAY have promised His Tentacled Majesty all of your souls… but it’ll be worth it if anyone except LA wins the title.

  2. pmadavi Says:

    How about that Boston home cooking. A nonsense offensive foul call on Carmelo and then a non call on Kevin Garnett’s hip check on Douglas, prevent a close out on Allen. Makes me sick.

    • jpalumbo Says:

      The refs gave the Celtics title to the Lakers last year in the form of 20 extra free throws in game 7. No amount of make up calls and non-calls this post-season can be too egregious.

      Jason Palumbo

      Sent from my iPhone

    • jpalumbo Says:

      Also I missed the second half of that game.

      Jason Palumbo

      Sent from my iPhone

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