2011 Playoffs Day 3


Game 1 Heat (E2) v. Seventy Sixers (E7)

The Miami Heat managed to take control of the game in the second quarter.  Efficient games from Bosh and James, along with lots of production from Dwayne Wade proved to be too much for the Sixers, who had a hard time hitting shots all night.  Joel Anthony (Son!) did a good job on defense corralling 3 blocks and changing a handful of other shots near the rim.  Both teams combined for only 9 three point shot makes, an unusually low total for the two clubs.  With the Sixers unable to muster more than 21 points in any of the four quarters, it’s hard to imagine even home cooking in games three and four making much of a difference in the series.  As Kenny the Jet said in the pre-grame show, the Sixers run and gun style plays into the Heat’s advantages.

Game 2 Bulls (E1) v. Pacers (E8)

The Pacers proved once again that they will not be push overs, going so far as taking a second halftime lead in the series.  Unfortunately, they lacked the discipline to keep their momentum.  The game was tied going into the fourth quarter, and the Bulls used a good ball movement and balanced scoring to take the lead.  Six different players scored and/or assisted in the quarter, which is a good sign for the Bulls, who rely a little too much on Rose at times.  It’ll be interesting to see if the Pacers can use home court advantage to squeeze out a win in the series.  It’ll be up to the Bulls to prevent that by shoring up their defense and reducing their unusually high number of turnovers.


One Response to “2011 Playoffs Day 3”

  1. jpalumbo Says:

    Losing Collison was tough on the Pacers. Ford scored some huge buckets, but Daren really keys their whole offensive attack.

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