Magic Shooting Woes & Dwights Scoring Rampage


Dear all sportswriters everywhere,

Next time you point out that the Magic shooters are really letting down big Dwight Howard as he has his best scoring playoff series ever, please take the time to explain how the two happenings are related.

The Hawks are covering Dwight one on one. They are not doubling. Therefore Dwight is better able to score points than usual, when he’d be trapped in the paint. AND since Dwight is not being double teamed, the three point shooters that surround him are not open. Therefore… that’s right! Therefore the shooters are not shooting well.

If we could just get that point out there instead of pretending JRich, Hedo, Nelson, Reddick, and Anderson completely forgot how to shoot, while Howard Magically transformed into prime 1995 Shaquille, that would be super.


J to the P


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