Miami Heat Finally Healthy / Really Good


Way back in the off-season when Pat Riley assembled this collection of super-stars, tired old people, and Joel Anthony and Mario Chalmers, we here at Double Dribble looked forward to seeing one particular line-up that never came to be due to a series of injuries.  Now those players are together and closing out Eastern Conference Finals games.

Slashing Guard – Dwyane Wade

Point Forward – LeBron James

Floor-spacing Guard/Forward – Mike Miller

Versatile Scoring Forward – Chris Bosh

Defensive Power Forward – Udonis Haslem

Great team speed?  Check.  Great length?  Check.  Great versatility?  Check.  They’re playing pretty good ball.  The defensive intensity is matching every bit of energy that the Chicago Bulls throw at them and even holding their own on the boards, not a surprising change since Haslem and Miller are both such great rebounders at their positions.  Now obviously this lineup is vulnerable to big, powerful scoring forwards and centers.  Luckily there aren’t any of those left in the playoffs.  Dwight Howard went out in the first round.  Bynum, Gasol, Randolph, and the other Gasol were all out after the 2nd round.  Smooth sailing in the undersized defensive front court waters these days.

I think this line-up has legs.  As I wrote way back when, conceptually it reminds me of some of the line-ups that the Bulls would trot out with Kukoc and Rodman.  The total team defense and passing and finishing skills are just fun to watch.

Honestly, this team still hasn’t fully gelled.  They’re going to get better with time, like wine or blogs.  The main difference in the series has really been shot-making.  LeBron has hit tough shots against good defense.  Rose has run into some trouble against a long, athletic LeBron with a focused team defense behind him.  Hmm… seems like the deciding factor so far has been LeBron James.  Reminds me of that old adage we say here at the Double D, “LeBron James is too good… too good at basketball.”

3 Responses to “Miami Heat Finally Healthy / Really Good”

  1. pmadavi Says:

    Wait until Mike Millers thumbs aren’t mummified. He’s playing to about 65 or 70% of his usual ability. Believe me, I know what a couple of messed up thumbs can do to you on the court.

  2. Shirley Says:

    How about instead of “tired old people”, Aging SuperStars!
    Like me!

    • jpalumbo Says:

      Juwan Howard, Mike Bibby, Erik Dampier, and Jamal Magloire were never in your superstar class.

      Jason Palumbo

      Sent from my iPhone

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