A German Guy, A Puerto Rican Guy, and Mark Cuban walk into the NBA Finals


Good for the Mavs and the fans of the Mavs for making it back to the Finals after a 6 year drought.  Dirk Nowitzki’s one-legged turnaround is the most effective go-to post move in a playoff series since Jordan’s fadeaway (Shaq’s hammer him with your shoulder and dunk directly in his mug doesn’t count as a move), and easily as difficult.  Plus he can’t be left open from any range.  Und hes can talks like un Hermanic rockstars vhenever he vants tos, and you girlymans can dos nothings abouts it.

We should all be happy for Shawn Marion and Peja too.  There’s a pair of forwards who’ve been very good in this league for a long time whose teams never quite made it over the hump (and might have if not for tough officiating against the Spurs and Lakers respectively way back when).  They will now be competing for an NBA title for the very first time.

Unless we still hold the whole domestic violence act against him, we should be happy for Jason Kidd as well.  Here’s a guy who was by FAR the best player on two undertalented Finals teams in New Jersey.  He was a do-it-all dynamo who just didn’t have the pieces to beat Duncan at his best or Shaq at his best.  Now he’s back with a refined jump shot, two steps slower, but still effective on both sides of the ball.  He’s been playing ball since 1995, and he’s still relevant at the point guard position.  Pretty amazing.

Also Jose Barea, basketball champion of Puerto Rico, is going to the Finals which is a pretty big deal.  Not only is he representing a portion of viewers who haven’t had that local hero make it the championship round before, but he’s also bringing it for all us short folks who got to play below the rim.  Represent, yo.

Furthermore, the greatest owner in the league is back in the Finals.  Mark Cuban has made several innovations in team / community relations, in referee video monitoring, and in new media owner availibility and paid several million dollars in fines to the NBA along the way.  He’s been entertaining, annoying, and always interesting, and he’s done everything in his billionaire power to make his team competitive.  Every sports team needs an owner as invested in its success as Cuban is.  Whether the Mavs can win it all or not isn’t even the point.  He’s twice built, hired the right personnel to build, contending teams.  Kudos to him and his Maverick ways.  If Sara Palin hadn’t stolen that title, it could have been a good book about an interesting and successful person that we can all respect.

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