Latrell Sprewell and Anthony Mason, I Hope They Come for You


This is the suit I wear when I am screwing children and the elderly.

One quick look at the Wisconsin “List of Shame,” the list of all the invidivudals and businesses that owe Wisconsin back taxes, shows two former Milwaukee Bucks top the list.  Oddly enough, both of these guys played for the Knicks too.

We all know about Latrell Sprewell’s past as a choker, and not in the LeBron James sense of the word.  And we all knew Anthony Mason was a bruiser who didn’t mind putting his elbows into people’s grill.  But we didn’t know was that they were both deadbeat scumbags of the highest order.

In a year where millions has been cut from the school budget, where public unions have had their bargaining rights stripped, where unemployed still plagues the state, where healthcare for the elderly is on the chopping block, Latrell Sprewell and Anthony Mason owe the state over 5.6 million dollars.

I can only begin to think how many jobs that would’ve saved.  I can only think of how many children in the state could use that money in their schools, their communities.  I can only think that at worst, that money could be used to spur “job creators,” versus these two who are creating nothing but acrimony.

So next time you see Sprewell beating a woman on his boat (look it up, kids), ask him to put that pimp hand down and break out his checkbook.  And next time you see Anthony Mason, instead of asking, “are you somebody famous?  You kind of look like the black guy from Predator,” ask him “Why don’t you stop being a dickbag and pay what you owe?”


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