Players Impede Progress, Guarantee Shortened Season


We're dicks!

After receiving a doom and gloom memo from a group of agents, otherwise known as bottom-feeding scumbags, the players impeded progress in the latest CBA meetings, and in doing so have guaranteed a shortened season, according to the latest report.  Included in the report is a number of surprising concessions from the owners – concessions this writer thought would not be made!

Stern said the owners had removed their demand for a hard salary cap, were no longer insisting on salary rollbacks on current salaries, and would have given players the right to opt out of a 10-year agreement after seven years. But the money split was always going to be the biggest hurdle in these negotiations, with owners insistent on the ability to turn a profit after the league said 22 of its 30 teams lost money last season.

The player balked on moving forward because of a proposed 50-50 split on revenue.  They held strong on receiving at least 51 percent (with incentives that could raise the rate up to 53 percent).  Frankly, I thought this would have been enough for the players . . . and perhaps before their scumbags, excuse me, agents intervened, it might have been.

Once again, it is fans and people who rely on NBA related revenue to make a living who are losing out in all this, as millionaires and billionaires continue to argue over money the likes of you and I will not see over our lifetimes.  This latest round, the blame falls squarely on the players, who got what should have been enough in concessions from the owners to make a deal happen.


One Response to “Players Impede Progress, Guarantee Shortened Season”

  1. High Above Courtside Says:

    Rashaad Lewis once signed a $118mm contract! Rashaad Lewis………….God damn is this a great country or what?

    Smoke ’em if you got ’em

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