Define Hypocrite


In the 1990s, after playing for a contract that paid him no more than $4M a year for a decade, the greatest and most marketable NBA player of all time wanted to be paid lots and lots and lots and lots of money by the owner of a Chicago Bulls for whom he had made more money than Avatar.

In 2011 that same man, now the owner of one of the poorest, least marketable teams in the league, does not want to have to pay average NBA players more than he made at his playing prime.

Is this hypocritical? Really? Really? The two statements don’t equate at all.

For that matter from a simply logical stance, just because a person’s perspective changes with his circumstances, that does not make him a hypocrite. Colonists fought for the British in the unfortunately named French & Indian War and then fought against that same British army in the American Revolution. Nothing hypocritical in the reversal, was there?


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2 Responses to “Define Hypocrite”

  1. High Above Courtside Says:

    “Check my pulse
    It don’t change
    Stays 72
    Come shine or rain”

    Jerry Garcia from “U.S. Blues”

    Note to David Stern–I could live with a 72 game season

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