The Show Goes On (alright, already)


I stayed up until after 1:AM (East Coast), last night / this morning waiting for the latest meeting between the players union and the owners to conclude. I watched NBAtv, waiting for the press conference. I posted to ESPN’s Daily Dime Live chat, which went on for over 12 hours with more than 5,000 participants.

End result: “Nothing was decided,” Commissioner David Stern.

The latest leaks and legitimate “sources” seem to think that the revenue split is pretty much agreed upon at this point at a 50-50 divide. So salary cap, luxury tax, and trade restriction rules are causing the hold up, but of course both sides feel that the BRI split they basically have worked out is going to be contingent on the other points. For the players it’s a matter of trying to use salary concessions as a tool to get some reciprocation on the system side. For the owners it’s still a smash ‘n grab job where they try to take everything they can.

My impression is that the owners need to make a cosmetic compromise or two so that the players can accept their losses with a little dignity. They need to give the players an out and start mending fences.

The good news is that negotiations have not been called off. They are just in hiatus to get some rest and will resume today. I’m crossing my fingers that someone with some sensitivity and common sense can take the lead and put this thing away.


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