Another Take on the Lockout’s End


Like Paul, I found out from my wife that this tentative deal had been reached between Billy Hunter and David Stern, and like Paul, I spilled my coffee doing the Snoopy dance. Unlike Paul I have mixed feelings about what actually led us to this point.

Did decertification provide some impetus? I’m certain it did. But the more important factor may have been that the primaries involved in the discussions went back to the middle. First off the inflammatory and pro-litigation Jeffrey Kessler was removed from discussions. This may have been the entire point of Hunter bringing in Boies as additional legal counsel – to get rid of Kessler and reopen the cellar doors behind which Kessler had bound and gagged player-league communications.

These latest negotiations, which probably can’t legally be called negotiations, took place without the presence of the hardcore contingents of either side. With no ultra-competitive Michael Jordan or Paul Pierce trying to “win” the two sides had the chance to be reasonable.

Honestly it doesn’t look like much has changed in the deal from the last proposal we saw. The length of this type of contract, the availability of that sort of trade option. But Hunter and Stern are each able to present the option to re- open stadiums and get games on TV with their own spin and to appeal to the moderate majority in both camps. Couple that with more restrictive media access to the proceedings and finally this debacle has a serious shot at concluding.

Basketball Jesus, we give you thanks.


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2 Responses to “Another Take on the Lockout’s End”

  1. pmadavi Says:

    Basketball Jesus Shuttlesworth?

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