Pippen & Jordan Score 6 points in 3 Seconds – Also some early season thoughts…


Just thought this was amazing enough to share. This is the way to win 72 games in a season. Steal the ones you’re not supposed to win by turning a two point halftime deficit into a 4 point halftime lead.

If anyone is wondering why I’m not writing more, there are two reasons. First, I can’t draw any conclusions about anything in this shortened season. Wins and losses feel more schedule-related than anything else. Second, the Celtics have fallen apart about as quickly as I expected, and I don’t really need to dwell on the demise of the old gents.

A few thoughts I haven’t shared yet…

Kobe’s illegal German knee surgery seems to have worked wonders. He’s got significantly more lift than last year. Looks like he may take the scoring title back this season.

Playing in backtobacktobacktobacktoback games has been about as destructive on Wade’s knees as we expected. The Heat’s early season chemistry has dissolved due to lineup irregularities… There’s a good bowel joke in there, but I don’t have the time to massage it out. Oh. Well that’ll due.

Dwight Howard broke the record for most free throws attempted in a game. Michael Jordan still holds the record for most made free throws in a game. Cause he can shoot a basketball like someone who shoots a basketball as part of his day job.

Derrick Rose is my new favorite player to watch. He’s the most team-minded shoot-first point guard I’ve ever seen. Everything he does is laser-focused on victory, and he’s Iverson-level-entertaining on his drives into the paint. Hyphenation is a sign of laziness and virility.

More later.


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