Making the Most Out of the Least


Instead of working, I did a little stat digging this morning.  It turns out, amongst 20 ppg scorers this season Chris Bosh has the lowest usage rate.  That’s a little surprising.  Perhaps more surprising is that Derrick Rose is number two on that list.  This speaks to J’s point that he is the least selfish shoot first point guard we’ve ever seen.

  1. Chris Bosh – 20.0 ppg, 24.8 usg
  2. Derrick Rose – 20.8 ppg, 27.1 usg
  3. LaMarcus Aldridge – 22.7 ppg, 27.2 usg
  4. Blake Griffin – 21.9 ppg, 28.4, usg
  5. Kevin Love – 25.6 ppg, 28.7 usg

The list is dominated by power forwards, which may not be surprising since they are most likely to be on the receiving end of finishing plays, most likely to grab and put back offensive rebounds, and least likely to be dribbling around the court.  That all makes Derrick Rose’s ranking in the top five all the more impressive.


One Response to “Making the Most Out of the Least”

  1. jpalumbo Says:

    Bosh is WAY on the low side. Only player scoring 20+ whose usage is under 25%.

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