A Tale of Two Garnett’s


On TNT tonight, the 35 year old Kevin Garnett is huffing up and down the court, playing good d and doing the little things to try to keep his Celtics in the game against the Orlando Magic.  He’s good, a credible starter, but clearly a role player doing his best to fit his niche on the court.  With 3 minutes left, he’s exhausted on the bench.

On NBAtv tonight, the 24 year old Kevin Garnett is carrying his Minnesota Timberwolves in game 7 the 2004 Western Conference quarter finals.  He’s played both forward positions, the center, and actually manned the point position to give Sam Cassell a break in the 4th.  He’s used hooks, up and unders, fadeaways, cross-over blow-by dribbles for dunks, and timely cuts with strong finishes to dominate the interior against a deep King’s team.  He’s also done it on defense, protecting the paint and guarding the top of Flip Saunders’s 3-2 zone.  As the game tightens up at the end, every play is run through KG, and there’s nothing Sacramento can do about it.

When you watch Boston play today, it’s easy to forget that The Kid was once the best player in the league.


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