The Clippers Are Bringing Back “Showtime”


It might be something of a blasphemous statement, but it’s true.  There’s a team that’s bringing Showtime back to L.A. and it’s not the Lakers. With the addition of Chris Paul, Chauncey Billups, Caron Butler, and Mo Williams in the off season, the Clippers gave their athletically gifted core of Blake Griffin and DeAndre Joran all the tools to become the run-and-gun standard of the NBA.  They have gelled surprisingly quickly.  The deft, speed, and grit that Chris Paul has in running the pick and roll, and fast break combined with the shooting provided by Billups, Butler, and Williams have vaulted the Clippers firmly into playoff territory and more notably launched them into the nation consciousness.  This is the Clippers we are talking about.

Last night’s game in Utah made the point emphatically for the Clippers, who started the game off last night with four alley oop dunks – all but one of them in the half court set.  They were by no means the last dunks we’d see from Griffin and Jordan, who were spoon fed all night by Chris Paul.  There was play in the second half where Paul froze the entire Jazz defense with a high-step dribble and then lobbed it up for Jordan to flush.  As I stayed up into the morning hours to finish watching the game, I sat and thought about the last time I was so glued to a game for fear of missing something amazing.

Capturing the audience with the potential of your deft skill and monstrous athleticism.  In other words, Showtime.


2 Responses to “The Clippers Are Bringing Back “Showtime””

  1. jpalumbo Says:

    If you love the Clippers so much, why doesn’t you marries thems?

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