Double Dribble Podcast 16


Alfred and Batman

Neil Paine rejoins us for our 16th installment, wherein we discuss Jeremy Lin Mania in New York City.  Neil provides us with a 76ers update.  We talk about the All Star team selections, and if there were any snubs and the best ways to determine that.  And finally, we go in depth into the scoring milestones recently passed by Kobe and Pierce, and how to evaluate players across generations.

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5 Responses to “Double Dribble Podcast 16”

  1. pmadavi Says:

    Here’s the PER over 30 count via BBALLREF

    Rk Player From To Tm Lg Count
    1 Michael Jordan* 1988 1991 CHI NBA 4
    2 Wilt Chamberlain* 1962 1964 TOT NBA 3
    3 LeBron James 2009 2012 TOT NBA 3
    4 Shaquille ONeal 1999 2001 LAL NBA 3
    5 Tracy McGrady 2003 2003 ORL NBA 1
    6 David Robinson* 1994 1994 SAS NBA 1
    7 Dwyane Wade 2009 2009 MIA NBA 1

  2. High Above Courtside Says:

    Wilt led the league in assists in ’68 as well. Surprised Oscar R. did not make it

    • jpalumbo Says:

      Wilt and Oscar would always make it except most modern metrics can’t be measured against the ’60s stats because they didn’t record Offensive Boards (very important), Steals (very important), Blocks (not AS important), or Turnovers (hugely important). Also Pettit, Sam Jones, Baylor, and Russ on defensive stats. In fact the estimated defensive win share for Bill Russell is so far out in front of everyone else it’s ridiculous. The next guy is David Robinson, and he’s not in the same neighborhood.

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