Fool Me Twice . . .


Last night, the Miami Heat played the Milwaukee Bucks for the third time in the shortened 2012 season.  The first two meeting did not go so well for the Heat.  The Bucks used their stifling brand of basketball to generate 38 turnovers in the first two meeting.  This kept the Heat to an average of 70 shot per those two games.  In fact, the Bucks shot worse than the Heat in both games, but still managed to win on volume of shots.

Last’s night game, though it started out like the first two, ended very differently.  The Miami Heat came to Milwaukee and put on an amazing shooting performance that started halfway through the second quarter and did not end until the buzzer sounded.  And while the Bucks still produced 16 turnovers from the Heat, it was not enough to overcome the blistering efficiency of LeBron James and Dwayne Wade.  Their transition points, and quickly executed drives to the basket kept the pace up for Miami, getting them an equal amount of shots as the Bucks.  The dynamic duo scored 57 points on 24 of 35 shots.  In addition, Mario Chalmers and Mike Miller shot 75% from three, making 6 in total.  The result was an 18 point blowout in favor of the Heat.

The Heat proved last night that they can elevate their offense above the threshold of a great defense.  It’ll be interesting to see how consistently they display this ability, and if they can maintain it in the Playoffs.  As for the Bucks, until they find a way to shoot efficiently from the field, they will continue to remain a borderline Playoff team that can out-scrap and out-hustle it’s opponents slightly less than half the time.


2 Responses to “Fool Me Twice . . .”

  1. jpalumbo Says:

    Slightly less than half the time? I like those odds!

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