2012 NBA Trade Deadline Thoughts


Nothing monumental happened on Thursday in the NBA.  Dwight Howard did not become a Net or a Laker or anything other than a “Magic” which I guess is some kind of wonderful thing that MVP candidates over 6′ 10″ 275 lbs hate being.  Deron isn’t a Celtic.  Neither is Gasol.  Rondo still is.

So while the good old monuments are are still where we remember them, a few meaningful moves did take place:

Greg Popavich finally accepted what the rest of us knew back in 2008 – without Jason Kidd, Richard Jefferson is a poor man’s Ron Anderson.  What, you don’t remember Ron Anderson?  My point.  So Pop turned RJ into SJax, bringing Stephen Jackson back to the site of his glorious 2003 playoff run wherein he was the most trusted wing player on a title team.  Amazing that people once trusted the brash yet conventionally skilled Jackson over Manu “what’s he doing now?!?!” Ginobili.  Jax has been on the bench with malcontendonitis, and Jefferson has been terrible.  If Pop and Timmy can bring Stephen back into the fold, that would be an upgrade.  Not sure what the Warriors are thinking here but it might be some kind of contract thing.  Funny that Jackson got traded back to GSW, where he had his last great playoff push, and then again back to his first NBA home.  It’s like he caught a time machine to a better part of his life.  I’m getting unexpectedly whimsical talking about Stephen Jackson.

After happily re-signing with the Nuggets this summer, Nene, the Brazilian sensation with the almost great game, finds himself shipped unceremoniously off to the nation’s capitol.  Bad contract but good signing for Washington, not only because they got a productive, mature player who knows that the end goal of the sport is winning games not jacking shots, but also because they sold high on JaVale McGee, this generation’s answer to Kenny “Sky” Walker.

Also big for the Wiz was the unloading of Nick Young, my least favorite NBA player.  It’s not that I have a hate-on for gunners.  I loved Allen Iverson.  I just have high hopes for Wall, and I don’t think he’s got a chance of developing properly with a backcourt mate afflicted by severe, Del Negro-level jackitupitis.  Seriously, Nick Young is like a less talented JR Smith with even less conscience.  Now he’s Chris Paul’s problem, and actually Paul might be able to turn Young into a real asset.  Certainly he can make him better on offense by removing his ability to make decisions, and maybe Paul can turn the leadership screws and convince him to play a little d too.  If not, the Clips may run into a little Kobe, Manu, Harden, or OJ trouble in the playoffs.

Portland officially threw in the towel, letting the tragically injured center Greg Oden and the tragically under-appreciated head coach Nate McMillan go abruptly.  They also traded away Marcus Camby and Gerald Wallace, gaining Johnny Flynn (who could help) and Hasheem Thabeet (who probably won’t).  You’ve got to feel for my main man Aldridge, who has worked hard to raise his game in the absence of Brandon Roy.

Camby is in Houston, joining Scola and Dalembert in what is now a very big, solid front court.  Houston also picked up Derek Fisher, for some reason, and dumped young big Jordan Hill to the Lakers.  McHale should be happy with his defensive back line at this point.

In addition to Hill, who could make the rotation when he gets healthy because LA lacks big man depth, Kobe’s squad grabbed Ramon Sessions from LeBron’s Cavs… Oops.  Well anyway, the Lakers think they have their point guard position nailed down now, and that they won’t miss the obviously aging Fisher in big moments.  Good luck with that guys.  Hopefully not having Fisher’s constant flopping will come back to bite them in their yellow asses. In the trade with LA, the Cavs took back Luke Walton, who claims to be healthy this year and Jason Kapono who claims to have won the 3 point contest a couple years ago.  Neither claim could be verified at the time of this blogging.  All I can think of when I see these two teams making trades is that they should trade coaches… The Cavs are Brown’s team, and Byron is a Laker for life.

Returning to the Rose Garden for a moment, the Blazers dropped Gerald Wallace to the Nets, and got back the bloated corpse of Memo Okur and the serviceable swing forward Shawne Williams, thrown in by New Jersey because they had way too many Williamses on the roster.  This is an interesting trade for the Nets.  Wallace brings them a nice slashing forward to pair with Deron and another bullet to fire into a Dwight trade next year.  I like it for Jay Z’s team.  Which reminds me, can Wallace be introduced to “Brush Your Shoulder’s Off” the way Carmelo came into “I’m Coming Home”?

Paul covered the swap of Bogut and Monta admirably already, so there’s no need to get into that any more.

My favorite moves were made by Boston, Chicago, and the SonicsIMeanThunder.  No panic trades that give away future flexibility (Celts).  No desperate move to upgrade a position at the expense of chemistry (Bulls).  No folding to the notion that they need to make a move for the sake of making a move (OKC – people seem to think they can’t score enough… don’t get it).  Sometimes less is more and nothing at all is even more than less.  Just don’t try to do less than nothing, because that’s not enough for anyone.  I’m looking at you Ainge.



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One Response to “2012 NBA Trade Deadline Thoughts”

  1. High Above Courtside Says:

    Don’t just do something Danny–stand there. This is a lot better strategy than he demonstrated last year when he gave Perk away for nothing.

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