LeBron’s Stats Come Back to The Milkyway


My dearest reader, I warn you, the following post is about LeBron and stats.  And that is all.  There’s no mention of a team, of teamwork, or winning.  Just be prepared.  Gird your mind.

Two weeks ago, LeBron James sported the best PER of any player since the three-point line was instituted, and by a decent margin.  LeBron’s numbers are always out of this world, soaring above the stratosphere where only he and Michael Jordan dare tread, but this year LeBron was completely out of this galaxy.

Since his collision with Grant Hill the other night, the fall off has been remarkable.

In his last 6 games:

He’s shooting 35 of 86 for 40.7% from the field after shooting 55% most of the season.

His free throw shooting has been good, but he’s only taking 4 per game where his season average is 8.

His turnovers are up to 3.7 per game which isn’t that different from his season average of 3.5 TO/gm, but is worth mentioning because it’s pretty cruddy.

I’m not trying to be down on LeBron here.  He’s still sporting the 8th best PER since 1980, and it’s still just him and MJ (and one rogue David Robinson season) in that top 8, but it goes to show how a short break in productivity and efficiency can impact overall numbers.  Statistical greatness is a testament to consistency as much as anything, the good fortune to stay healthy and the focus and desire to excel every night.


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2 Responses to “LeBron’s Stats Come Back to The Milkyway”

  1. High Above Courtside Says:

    Many times I’ve heard Tommy Heinsohn comment on LeBrons game saying he would never have gotten away with his uncontested drives to the basket pre three point era. Jim Lustkotoff, Roughhouse Rudy LaRussa, Al Attles, John Brisker, Wilt, Bob Pettit, Paul Silas, Luke Jackson, Waly Bellamy etc etc would have never allowed it. After Lebron got clothslined a couple of times by these guys, (and this would happen on a regular basis) his game would change. You wouldn’t get away with it in the old NBA.

    I admit I am a LeBron hater. I don’t even watch the NBA other than the Celtics, and at times I struggle to watch them. Oh well it’s hell to get old

    • jpalumbo Says:

      Even back to the 80s and 90s it’s different. Teams had guys like Oakley or Mahorn or Thorpe because you needed an enforcer. Also what constitutes perimeter defense has changed. Alvin Robertson made a living and won a defensive player of the year award by sinking his viselike grip into an opponent’s hip and steering him with it. Legally. How would that impact LeBron or Derrick Rose (our last three MVPs)?

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