Steve Nash, Free Agent


I’m watching the Suns trying to beat the Spurs’ bench tonight, and ESPN announcer Chris Mullin (the Hall of Famer) just told viewers that about six teams including the Suns would likely have real interest in the services of Mr. Nash for next season.  Mully did not elaborate.  I shall elaborate on his behalf, and if the former St. John’s star disagrees, he’s welcome to hit me up in the comments.

In order of what would be most fun to least fun:

1. OKC Super-Fast Lineup:

PG – Steve Nash

SG – Russell Westbrook

SF – James Harden

PF – Kevin Durant

C – Serge Ibaka

2. Dallas Mega-Old Line-up:

PG – Jason Kidd

SG – Steve Nash

SF – Vince Carter

PF – Shawn Marion

C – Dirk Nowitzki

3. LA Stupid-Skilled Lineup:

PG – Steve Nash

SG – Kobe Bryant

SF – Metta Ron Peacetest

PF – Pau Gasol

C – Andrew Bynum

4. Miami Viable Starting Point Guard Lineup

PG – Steve Nash

SG – Dwyane Wade

SF – James Jones

PF – LeBron James

C – Chris Bosh

5. Indiana Eastern Conference Finalists:

PG – Steve Nash

SG – George Paul

SF – Danny Granger

PF – David West

C – Roy Hibbert

6. Utah Post-and-Toast Run-and-Gun Lineup:

PG – Steve Nash

SG – Devin Harris

SF – Gordon Hayward

PF – Paul Milsap

C – Al Jefferson

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