5 Responses to “Homer.jpg”

  1. pmadavi Says:

    could also be named “Heart.jpg.” Brain knows better. Still there’s always room for hope. Otherwise, why watch?

  2. boyer Says:

    It’s possible, but highly unlikely, obviously. But, what happened in the previous lockout season? The #8 seed knicks beat the #1 seed heat in the first round, and made it all the way to the finals, losing to the spurs. Both teams have problems, the heat just much less so. But, the knicks don’t have a daunting defense and lebron knows he can beat them, so he’ll probably give full effort throughout the series, which means a sweep or 4-1 probably.

    • pmadavi Says:

      The Knicks have two things to their advantage. The Mavericks beat the Heat with ridiculous jump shooting in the Finals. That is pretty much the Knicks offense. Also, Tyson Chandler was allowed to foul Wade and James mercilessly all series long in the Finals. That being said, the Heat are obviously the better squad. The Knicks, hopefully, can take care of business at home and make the series closer than 4-1.

      • boyer Says:

        Chandler was not allowed to foul wade/james consistently, come on, get real. There was nothing conspiracy related with last year’s finals. Lebron just decided to give full effort every game, and the mavs took advantage. Lebron and wade get as many calls as anyone.

        The knicks are not as talented or as deep as last year’s mavs team. And melo or amare aren’t as good as Dirk. Also, dallas’ defense is much better than the knicks defense. While chandler is a great defender, the mavs defense this year is at least just as good as last year’s team. Chandler is a good role player, but he certainly didn’t transform the knicks into any kind of contender.

      • pmadavi Says:

        I wasn’t suggestion a conspiracy. I was just using hyperbole to point out that the physicality allowed at the rim in last year’s Finals favored the better jump shooting team.

        The Heat did a terrific job shutting down Novak. And obviously, losing Shumpert hurt. I was really hoping for more than one win for the Knicks, but now the whole team seems to be in turmoil . . .

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