Rondo Triple-Dipple & KG Comes Through Again


After a stellar performance in tonight’s win against the Sixers, Rajon Rondo has a new total of 8 career playoff triple doubles, breaking a tie with LeBron James for second place among active players.  Rondo now trails only Jason Kidd (11) among active players.  Rondo dished out 16 assists and had a few key points and rebounds and a big steal late in the game.  Still as good as he was, Rajon was not the Celtics’ best player tonight.

Kevin Garnett dropped a season high 29 points and grabbed 11 rebounds, his second consecutive game with 25+ points and 10+ rebounds.  Doc has been imploring Garnett to be aggressive, B-E, aggressive for the last 4 years, and finally, as Pierce and Allen are slowed by injuries, the Kid is doing it.  Observers like to quote the move to center as a major factor in Garnett’s improvements, and there may be some validity to that.  KG excels in the pick and pop, and most centers don’t like to step out far enough to properly defend that play.  However, Garnett has been doing most of his work the last couple of games by shooting over smaller defenders not by outmaneuvering opposing centers.  Big props to KG for punishing teams that try to go small against Boston.

The Sixers played a good game tonight.  They exploited the C’s lack of interior size and wing speed just the way they were supposed to, and they definitely demonstrated that they can hang in this series.  Should be a good, hard-fought playoff that tests both teams.


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