The Worst Superstar Performance Ever?


On Thursday May 17th 2012, Dwayne Wade played was has been widely called by analysts as the worst game played by a superstar, possibly ever. I wanted to see how true this claim is, so I headed to Basketball Reference to see what the Game Finder says about that.

Since 1986, only three starters have scored 5 or fewer points in a game while taking at least 13 shots, grabbing 5 or fewer rebounds, and handing out one or fewer assists. Gary Payton and the Jarvis Hayes are the only two other players to do this since 1986.

While Payton had fewer rebounds, he also had fewer turnovers than Dwayne Wade. Thursday’s performance might truly have been the worst playoff performance by a superstar in recent hoops history.

So is this good news, or bad news for the Heat? On the one hand, the likelihood of Wade having another historically bad night is very unlikely. One the other hand, it could be indicative of a great problem with Wade, that could continue to affect his play, though certainly not at the level it did Thursday. If history is any indicator, it will be a long time before Wade has a night like that again. Wade actually had a worse game in 2004. In 31 minutes, he scored only two points on eight shots. He had six turnovers in that game. In that series against the Hornets, Wade did bounce back and eventually help lead the Heat to a series win.

Heat fans certainly have their fingers crossed that they get to experience that rebound again. Otherwise, it will be another long off-season wondering if the Heat’s big three will ever be able to get their hands on the Larry O’Brien trophy.


3 Responses to “The Worst Superstar Performance Ever?”

  1. boyer Says:

    Wade is resorting to cheap shots the past few years, and he’s had an assortment of injuries as well. Unlike players like kobe or jordan, his lack of all around game when his athleticism wanes will affect him a lot more adversely. He’s still a good player, but he’s been banged up a lot this year and struggles without getting many easy fastbreak opportunities.

    It’ll be hard to imagine him not playing better than last game, but how much better is the question. But, his superstar status is definitely on hold this year, but maybe he can regain it for possibly for a year or two in the future.

    I guess Bosh is truly more important than most people realized. And james needs to be more aggressive for the entire game. He was doing very little late in the last game. Stop worrying about flopping and getting cheap calls, and play aggressive, if he wants to win a title.

    • pmadavi Says:

      Wade and Bron definitely need to be WAY more aggressive with Bosh out and with pretty much everyone else shooting terribly. I’m not sure why, but about halfway through the season, Bron stopped operating from the post and his percentages and numbers dipped slowly ever since then.

      • boyer Says:

        Yep. That’s the thing, it’s not about how many shots they take, it’s about being aggressive. This is what is so irritating with pau. He’s not aggressive by nature. Everyone clamors like he should shoot more, but he just won’t if given the opportunities, which he is given. Kobe gets double teamed last night, passes to Pau, who passed up an open 15 footer to pass the ball to Durant, totally unexpectable. At least make a move or shoot the jumper. This is what james does so often, too, though he was aggressive today.

        I don’t think james is all that comfortable in the post. He needs the paint to not be clogged up that much and a lot of space. He had more really good shooters when he was in cleveland than now in miami, which meant a lot more spacing and free reign to drive to the hoop.

        I’m loving what I’m seeing from the pacers, though, especially granger not backing down from james’ crap. They’re the tight of team that has given james trouble in the past. They’re a tough-nosed team that won’t back down from him, and when that happens, james has been known to just disappear from some reason. They’re at least making the heat work for it.

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