New Dream Team Documentary


Get Geeked.  Just as your post-Finals depression begins to set in, your friendly neighborhood NBA TV will be broadcasting the following documentary.

I don’t know about you, but my salivary glands are already percolating.


2 Responses to “New Dream Team Documentary”

  1. jpalumbo Says:

    Bill Simmons has been asking how the Dream Team would match up against the upcoming 2012 team (Bron, Kobe, Durant, Wade, Melo, CP3, Love (maybe), Dwight and filler). After watching the video, I have a return question… How do you defend this lineup? Honestly. The Stockton / Malone pick and roll requires team defense. What the hell do you do when Stockton’s pressure release pass is to Michael Jordan instead of Shannon Anderson? How do you control your defensive backboard when Chuck and Karl have not other offensive responsibilities besides taking the ball off the rim? How do you cover the 10 foot baseline j from Ewing when Michael and Scottie get into the paint and draw the D? These guys are all so well-rounded and professional. How do you defend a triangle action with Jordan in the mid-post, Bird or Mullin in the corner and Pippen or Drexler at the top of the key? You wanna double from behind with a big man? Watch out for the lob to David F’n Robinson. Good luck!

  2. pmadavi Says:

    Yeah, back when iso was a tool in the box, rather than a way of life. All those guys went iso, often, but all of them knew how to play team ball. The ball movement was ridiculous in those games.

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