OKC Thunder Finish the Comeback and Go to NBA Finals!


This series really showed the simple value of shot-making. Both teams made smart adjustments. Both teams had advantages they could leverage. Both teams executed their game plan. Both teams competed hard. One team just converted more shots. It’s sounds outrageously obvious, but it’s true. The Spurs actually took 12 more shots over the course of the game, but the Thunder shot them better. The improved passing that the Thunder have showed in the last four games led to more open shots, and hen they couldn’t get open shots, Durant had the flow flowin’ and hit some covered shots.

My favorite part of this game was after the horn blew. Tim Duncan sought out Kevin Durant and Kendrick Perkins and all the Spurs followed suit and shook hands with the Thunder. They showed professionalism and a genuine sportsmanship that is a cool part of the game. We understand these are highly competitive athletes giving their all to beat each other, but it’s important to pass the torch with class when you give your best effort and the other team beats you fair and square.

In a post-game interview coach Popavich made an interesting point: In this playoff run the Thunder have defeated the Mavericks (champs 2011), the Lakers (champs 2009-10), and the Spurs (champs 2007). If the meet the Celtics (champs 2008) in the Finals and beat them too, they will have defeated the last 5 championship team all in one playoff title run. Granted these teams are all significantly different than they were when they won their rings, but that’s still a serious accomplishment.

Stat-note: Only 8 players for the Thunder ever played more than 10 minutes in any game of this Western Conference Finals: Durant, Ibaka, Perkins, Sefalosha, Westbrook, Harden, Collison, and Fisher. Pundits like to say that the advantage of bench depth is minimized in the playoffs when the top 8 is able to play more minutes, and that was definitely true for Scottie Brooks’ team in this series.


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5 Responses to “OKC Thunder Finish the Comeback and Go to NBA Finals!”

  1. pmadavi Says:

    That was one of the most amazing games I’ve ever seen. That was some insane shooting. It had a great comeback. Just awesome.

    The Conference Final Trophy presentation afterwards was somewhat offensive to me. The Thunder looked happy. The Celtics will look annoyed at having to do it.

    • jpalumbo Says:

      Yeah, I’m surprised Fisher and Perkins didn’t nip all that celebrating in the bud. I did see a nice little post-game speech from Scott Brooks wherein he reminded the team that they haven’t accomplished their real goal yet. I think they’ll stay focused and win the whole thing. If they can afford to keep Ibaka and Harden, they could become the dynasty that we all assumed Miami would be.

      • boyer Says:

        Surprising what happened in this series after the first 2 games. The thunder should beat either east. conf. foe rather easily, but never know.

        Speak for yourself about Miami’s supposed dynasty. We may have all feared the worse, but I wasn’t sold on them. They have the most talent, but there’s something big missing with lebron and even wade. Wade should know better since he actually won a title. After wade and james talked and acted like it would be easy to win multiple titles, and especially having a golden chance last year and failing, it looks like the miami 3 will not win a title together, and james might not ever win a title. He had 2 great chances in cleveland with the top reg. season team each year and the favorite each year, including these last 2 years with miami, which makes playing on the favorite 4 years running, and so far nothing. And after quitting in the 2010 c’s series and the 2011 mavs series for certain, about the only thing he might be able to enjoy is the reg. season.

      • jpalumbo Says:

        Whew! Harsh words for the Chosen One! I hope he lives down to your expectations tonight!

        Jason Palumbo

        Sent from my iPhone

      • boyer Says:

        I’m just reacting to how james/wade acted once teaming together. Everyone knows james’ quotes by now. He said it would be easy and that Pat Riley could play and they’d win. They could still win this year, but it certainly hasn’t been easy, and for the entire nba society, that is extremely refreshing, that you just can’t buy a championship, and putting 3 top 10-15 players all in their primes doesn’t guarantee you anything. Lebron could’ve played on any team, and he choose miami. This is exactly what he wants, and he’s brought the expectations on himself throughout his entire career, and especially with miami.

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