Post-LeBrocalyptic Heartfelt Apology


To all the devout Double Dribble fans, followers, friends, and family, I apologize for not getting post about last night’s game up before you woke this morning. The shameful truth is that I had a night out with visiting colleagues and didn’t get in until 2 AM. By that time I knew the blow out had happened and had no intention of ever watching that game. Then I saw LeBron’s stats and might have to watch just to see how he did what he did.

This seems like a good time to mention an important point about NBA basketball that has been lost in all the happy stories about teamwork, humility, and sportsmanship coming out of OKC and San Antonio. Sometimes having the best player in the world means a team can win a series just because said great one can take a game all by himself. Jordan used to do it regularly. Shaq did it. Tim did it. Kobe did it. Having one player basically win a game in a series by himself is huge. In a 7 game series, each team can only lose 3 times. When one player stamps a loss on the other team that magic number drops to 2.

Last night LeBron may not have been clutch in the Reggie Miller sense of the word, but he came through when it mattered in a way that few players, maybe nobody else currently playing, could have. I didn’t even see the game, but those prime Shaquille O’Neal stats don’t lie.

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