Flu Game 15 Year Anniversary – Shot Tracker


It’s the 15 year anniversary of Michael Jordan’s famous flu game wherein he scored 38 points and hit the go-ahead three pointer at the end while suffering from “accidental” food poisoning. This is the same game I used to calculate +/- stats. You remember.

Tonight I watched the NBAtv replay of the game with a new focus. I kept track of every shot Michael Jordan took. Here’s the breakdown (I didn’t keep the minutes, but the shots are in chronological order):

1 – Recovers deflected pass off a drive to the rim; baseline jumper from the right side. MAKE.

2 – Misses driving layup on the fastbreak. MISS.

3 – Catch at the elbow off a normal triangle cut; quick drive right elbow pull up jumper. MISS.

4 – Dribble pull jumper at top of the key off a cross screen from Ron Harper. MAKE.

5 – Low post isolation turnaround jumper over double team. MISS.

6 – Cut to right elbow, quick dribble left, jumper at elbow extended. MAKE.

7 – Drive left for fading pullup in the lane. MISS.

8 – Right side low post turnaround jumper over double team. MISS.

9 – Fastbreak driving layup over one defender. MAKE.

10 – Broken play crossover dribble pull up jumper from left elbow extended. MAKE.

11 – Three point jumper off dribble handoff. MISS.

12 – Tip dunk off a Pippen miss in transition. MAKE.

13 – Triangle elbow handoff leads to baseline drive layup. MISS.

14 – Post up elbow fadeaway in delayed transition. MISS.

15 – Low post up and under finger roll. MISS.

16 – Secondary transition driving lefty layup. MAKE.

17 – Wing isolation jab-step pull up jump shot. MISS.

18 – Sideline catch off screen and flair cut into baseline dribble pullup jumper. MAKE.

19 – Transition three pointer off swing pass. MISS.

20 – Cut to elbow off triangle action for turnaround fadeaway jumper. MAKE.

21 – Three point jumper off semi-transition swing pass. MAKE.

22 – Isolation at elbow for jab step pull up jump shot. MAKE.

23 – Flair out on out of bounds play for three point jumper. MISS.

24 – Jumper curling off screen away from the ball. MISS.

25 – High post face up step through jumper after head fake. MISS.

26 – Driving pull up jumper fading away in the paint. MAKE.

27 – Three pointer off a post up kick out from Pippen. MAKE.

Total of 13-27 shooting. He took shots from absolutely every part of the floor. Not a lot of isolation plays, especially at the end of the game. Out of his last 10 shots, I’d only call 2 of them isolation sets.

Overall the Chicago really tried to take advantage of transition and delayed transition opportunities. The best half court action usually came when Mike or Scottie would drive or post deep and draw extra attention. Once they passed it out the team passing led to a lot of very good shots including a couple layups for Longley who was wide open under the basket as the Jazz big men scrambled to help on Chicago the all-star perimeter scorers. Classic performance by a HoF player and an all-time great team.


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2 Responses to “Flu Game 15 Year Anniversary – Shot Tracker”

  1. High Above Courtside Says:

    I just got done reading a great book which I recommend to both of you, “The Whore of Akron: One Man’s Search for the Soul of LeBron James” by Scott Raab

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