Finals LeBron


Do you remember those commercials?  With young LeBron, wise LeBron, and various other LeBrons?  Of course you do.  They were great ads.  But there was one LeBron who was missing from that dinner table.  And that was Finals LeBron.

Finals LeBron doesn’t go to the hole.  Finals LeBron doesn’t cover Kevin Durant in crunch time (for some reason that appears to be Shane Battier’s job, a job he has no chance at succeeding in).  Finals LeBron prefers to launch long jumpers.  Finals LeBron prefers to pass the ball to Chalmers and company.  Finals LeBron doesn’t immediately attack once he has the ball.  Finals LeBron needs to survey the court (which lets the defense fully prepare for Finals LeBron’s upcoming clanger).

Don’t let last night’s 30 points fool you.  Eastern Conference LeBron was nowhere to be seen.  Just Finals LeBron.  There’s no doubt about it.  The real LeBron needs to go all Ed Norton on himself.  Put the .45 in his mouth, look Finals LeBron in the face, and tell him, “Finals, listen closely, my eyes are open.”  Only then can he stand there, hand in hand with Dwayne Wade, and watch the Thunder crumble before him.


9 Responses to “Finals LeBron”

  1. boyer Says:

    If lebron is as good as he says he is or the media says he is, then there’s no reason why he doesn’t have at least 1 ring by now. Still a probable long series left in this finals, so we’ll see, but lebron’s passivity late in games is mindboggling, given the supposed talent level that he possesses. He did it again last night. After miami got 3 early bogus foul calls in the 4th, it was all thunder, mainly the durant/westbrook show. And lebron resorted to some weak passes and long jumpshots, instead of driving to the hole, like he was earlier in the game.

    • pmadavi Says:

      I totally agree. It’s baffling and frustrating. I was watching with my friend Gregg last night. We both are rooting for LeBron to finally get it together and dominate in the Finals. We both concurred that if Finals LeBron keeps rearing his ugly head, we are done rooting LeBron after this series.

  2. jpalumbo Says:

    I missed the game entirely but watched the sportscenter reaction, and they were mostly blaming Spoelstra’s rotations and Wade settling for jumpers rather than LeBron. Interesting to see a different take.

    • pmadavi Says:

      Don’t get me wrong. The rotations were poor. Wade was great in the 1st half and bad in the 2nd. However, in my opinion, all of that could’ve been overcome by LeBron playing aggressively rather than sheepishly. That’s the frustration.

      • boyer Says:

        This is why it’s so irritating listening to these guys most of the time. Sure, maybe wade and spoelstra are partially to blame, but it almost always comes down to whether or not lebron plays hard for the entire game. Durant outplayed lebron, as did westbrook. Not only that, but it is very clear that durant and westbrook played much harder throughout the game than lebron did. ESPN and most of the rest of the media are still highly pro-lebron, and will offer many excuses elsewhere to shift blame away from lebron most of the time.

        Also, much like kobe was/is bashed for nonsense things by the media, mainly shot selection, westbrook has become another guy being bashed for similar things. I think Stephen A. Smith bashed westbrook for 10-24 shooting, however, he didn’t bash lebron for 11-24 shooting, and much worse effort level. Ridiculous.

        Wade and lebron are very inconsistent with their outside shot, which is they don’t mesh as well as they should in the halfcourt. However, westbrook/durant compliment each other very well, which is one of several reasons why they actually do play well together, regardless of the nonsense the media tries to spin on us. Wade/lebron should look to drive more, but defenses, especially good defenses like OKC can limit this, but yes, they both need to be more aggressive if they want to have a chance of winning this series. Lebron’s great, but if he wants to win a title, then he needs to be the best player in the series. Last year, he was maybe the 4th or 5th best player in the finals, and the heat still almost won it all. While he had an overall good game 1, he’s still only the 3rd best player in the series currently.

      • jpalumbo Says:

        I liked the work Miami did against Boston when they ran the screen and roll with Wade handling, Bron screening, and Bosh on the wing (because Bosh can catch and shoot or cut and finish). Even if you switch out to Bosh in the corner, he’s 6′ 11″, and the man guarding Wade has almost no chance to bother CB’s release. And of course the Bosh jumper is the best case scenario for the defense because anything else is a brutal Wade drive to the cup or a roll and finish in the paint for teh Bron. Very, very tough to defend that sequence.

        The trick with using Bron and Wade together is that you don’t want either of them to become a standstill jumper shooter. Not just because they are bad at catch-and-shoot but because they are such good passers and finishers. Even if they were good shooters it would still be a waste of their talents.

  3. High Above Courtside Says:

    No No Bron Bron won’t survive like Norton did. He’ll end up like Walken did in the Deer Hunter

    • pmadavi Says:


      How devastating would it be if Durant surpasses him as a player before he ever gets a championship?

  4. pmadavi Says:

    You know that thing they say, “you always hurt the one you love?” Well, it works both ways.

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