The Lakers Bench Is Worse Than…



…That 80’s Show

…NHL labor relations

…steamed kale

…the 2006 Lakers bench

…the Kid ‘N Play tower flattop haircut

…Jordan’s Hitler mustache

…this dumb blog post

I’m watching the Lakers v. Clippers preseason game, and the Lakers have a lineup of Steve Blake’s tattered confidence, Kevin Ebanks, the mummified remains of Antawn Jamison, some guy I’ve never seen before named Sagne or some such (let’s just agree to call him 10-Day or DLeague or something), and Jordan Hill.

That’s one, MAYBE two guys you would actually want in an 8-9 man NBA rotation. Not a great sign for a team with NBA title aspirations. I’m thinking 70+ wins might be a premature goal. Hill looks pretty good though. I mean his all-energy game, not him. He looks like a manga Predator with those dredds and that purple uniform.

The Heat bench includes Battier, Rashard, Haslem, Mike Miller… the kind of guys you can trust to maintain a big lead, if you’re playing in 2007. Hmm…

The Thunder are the only team out of the big three title contenders that have some actual depth with Harden, Collison, and Eric Maynor coming off the pine (please don’t tell the Spurs and Celtics I left them off the title contender list).

I’d probably still favor the Heat to repeat, and I do think the Lakers may have the highest possible ceiling if all the gelling at both ends happens on schedule, but it is worth noting that OKC probably has the best 1-8 rotation going into the season.


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