A Picture Is Worth a Thousand words


A Picture Is Worth a Thousand words

So I’ll add only a few. Rondo getting in Wade’s face, and Wade finding it laughable essentializes the state of Celtics vs. Heat.


4 Responses to “A Picture Is Worth a Thousand words”

  1. High Above Courtside Says:

    Yes Wade, this is my left elbow you dislocated in game three 2011 you cheap bleeping ………………..

    • pmadavi Says:

      Man I forgot about that. I’m not a big fan of the tough-guy act on the floor or anywhere else, but Rondo’s got legit beef with Wade.

  2. boyer Says:

    And wade is definitely a cheap-shot artist. Can’t remember everything he’s done, but one of the most bushleague plays ever was the stunt he pulled on Kobe in the AS game a few years ago. Also, his pathetic outburst on Stern during the lockout, and he and lebron making fun of dirk’s cough during 2011 finals, among other things.

  3. jpalumbo Says:

    I can’t help feeling like the DWade shiteatinggrin would have been a no show if K Perkins was standing behind Rondo. I think that the intimidation factor that our Klingon center brought to the table was just real enough to help to keep this crap to a minimum.

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