Chris Paul’s Clutchness from a Fantasy Owner Perspective


I was lucky enough to land Chris Paul in the first round of our fantasy league draft this season, and one Clippers game into the season, I’ve already had a revelation about the NBA’s best point guard.

Wednesday night, I watched the NBAtv double header featuring the Spurs escaping the Hornets and the Lakers losing to the Blazers, but I had the Yahoo Sports stat page keeping track of Chris Paul’s performance while the Clips played Memphis. At halftime I texted Double Dribble co-founder Paul to complain about how little his near-namesake Chris Paul had done for my fantasy team. By the end of the third, CP3 still hadn’t come through. Halfway through the 4th quarter, still pretty lackluster.

Then, as a tight game against the rival Grizzlies wound down, Paul scored 7 points, dished 3 or 4 dimes, grabbed a couple boards and stole the ball. He went from a mediocre fantasy night to a respectable showing. And more importantly he won the game for his team.

Henry Abbott over at Truehoop has been extolling the virtues of Chris Paul as the most clutch performer in the NBA since Chris was with New Orleans, and the numbers are hard to argue against, but it was very interesting to see him win this game for the Clips without watching the action or even seeing the game score. You could see him propelling the team toward victory with nothing but a fantasy stat window.

I gotta say though, if he’s going to save up his stats for a burst in the end, he’s going to keep me on the edge of my seat watching that stat window, waiting for that late-game production outburst. I may need a relaxing hobby to calm me down from this fantasy basketball hobby. I wonder if I could knit a Clippers #3 hat by the end of the season.


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4 Responses to “Chris Paul’s Clutchness from a Fantasy Owner Perspective”

  1. pmadavi Says:

    I was gonna text you back, but I was passed out from BJJ exhaustion. Had him last year. He’s a slow starter, but he’s always good for about 10-15 fantasy points in the 4th quarter.

  2. boyer Says:

    Abbott’s a complete moron. I would be weary at best at quoting anything from him or using him as a credible source in any way. Paul is a very good player and has had some big moments, but has yet to make it out of the 2nd round. And while he has not been necessarily unclutch, he’s been a passive bystander more than once in key playoff games. He’s a tiny guard that has had injury problems. Only 1 player that small has been truly ‘the man’ on a title team, and that was Thomas. The clippers are a very talented and deep team now, so it’s time for Paul to actually do something.

    • jpalumbo Says:

      I think that’s how most LA and Kobe fans would have to feel since Henry isolates Bryant in his campaign against what he calls “hero ball.” I see his point, but I think he’s blinded by stats and misses the importance of having a guy with the attitude to take over down the stretch. Yeah it’s tough and the results are going to be spotty, but the champions always have those guys who CAN come through down the stretch. You don’t have to do it every game, just enough to win rings.

      Concerning CP though, I think he’s done about as well as we could expect given the talent of the teams he’s been on. I’m still not sure the Clips are good enough to advance past round 2. I’d say on paper the Thunder, Lakers, and Spurs still have better personnel, arguably. It’s like when teams got down on the Jordan for not getting past Boston or Detroit in the 80s or on Kobe for not getting past the Suns in the mid-2000s. It’s not like these guys were on favored teams with homecourt advantage. Same with Paul. They should make the second round again, but if they don’t advance any further, I don’t think that’s a black mark on him. His health has been an issue though. He may wind up the Kevin Johnson of his generation.

      • boyer Says:

        Regardless of who you root for, it doesn’t take much common sense to see through Abbott, who clearly has an agenda and whose bias clearly dictates how he reports as a journalist. Some stats may see Kobe isn’t good in crunch time, while others say he’s phenomenal. It’s really a stupid argument in general, and Kobe’s resume speaks for itself, as do the real experts: GMs and past/former players of how they regard Kobe. It’s tough for a top player to not be clutch. I can’t think of any current top 10 player who isn’t clutch.

        Paul has had good enough teammates to do better, but he’s been injured and has had lulls. He was nowhere to be found in that 4th qtr. of game 7 against the spurs a few years ago, and again in the closeout game of lakers/hornets series. It’s not about failing/succeeding, he just didn’t show up for stretches of each game. If lebron(if he plays hard all the time) or a Kobe(in his prime) or Duncan(in his prime) replaces Paul last year on the clippers, the clippers are a top 2 seed in the west, and make it to the conf. finals at worst.

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