Kings to move to Seattle? Time for NBA Re-Branding


If the Kings move to Seattle, they will rename the team, since the city retains the rights to “The Supersonics.”

That’s great.  Seattle never should have lost the Sonics in the first place.  However, I don’t think the Kings name should be abandoned either.  The Kings date back to the Cincinnati Royals, the team that Oscar Robertson starred for back in the 1960s.  That is a long history to write off.

I propose a series of team name trades to keep the traditions alive without having to actually create any new teams and at the same time take care of the ridiculous Bobcats and the proposed and also ridiculous Pelicans.

The Sacramento Kings become the Seattle Supersonics (again)

The Utah Jazz become the Salt Lake City Kings (or Royals)

The New Orleans Hornets become the New Orleans Jazz (again)

The Charlotte Bobcats become the Charlotte Hornets (again)

Who says you can’t go home (again)?


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2 Responses to “Kings to move to Seattle? Time for NBA Re-Branding”

  1. High Above Courtside Says:

    What about the Buffalo Braves

    • jpalumbo Says:

      Deal! Any team that relocates to Buffalo is automatically re-named the Braves. Or if the Clippers move inland, they can be re-named the Braves. Team names should make geographic sense.

      Jason Palumbo

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