Consecutive Triple Doubles List


So I felt bad for ripping Rondo in yesterday’s post even though I’m fairly certain no one at all read it.  To make up for it, let me point out that Rajon Rondo is the only player to have had back-to-back triple doubles this season and the first to hit that mark since Igudala did it back in 2011.

For the full list click here.

Highlighting the numbers (and ripping off an ESPN online convention):

24 – The total number of players to have consecutive triple double games since 1986*

7 – The most consecutive triple double games by a player since 1986 (Michael Jordan)

14 – The highest number of a times a player has had back-to-back triple doubles since 1986 (Magic Johnson)

Active players with consecutive triple doubles in their careers:

Jason Kidd (12) Last time 2008

LeBron James (4) Last time 2009

Grant Hill (3) Last time 1997

Kobe Bryant (2) Last time 2004

Chris Paul (1) 2008

Rajon Rondo (1) 2013

Andre Igudala (1) 2011

Lamar Odom (1) 2006

Boris Diaw (1) 2006

Finally, full list of players with consecutive triple doubles since 1986 in height order: Chris Paul, Rajon Rondo, Bobby Sura, Jason Kidd, Fat Lever, Darrell Walker, Aaron McKie, Charles Barkley, Andre Igudala, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Grant Hill, Anthony Mason, Larry Johnson, LeBron James, Antoine Walker, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Chris Webber, Boris Diaw, David Robinson, Dikembe Mutombo, and at 7′ 6″ Shawn Bradley.

*The game by game data at only goes back as far as 1986, possibly because no one wants to see box scores prior to Michael Jordan joining the league.  Pretty sure that’s the reason.


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