The Heat are too good…


…too good at basketball.

I just ran a very extensive list and found that the LeBron – Wade – Bosh combination has the highest combined PER of any trio ever at approximately 76. Jordan – Pippen – Kukoc hit the 70.8 mark in combined PER in 1996, and they are the second closest I could find. The big difference is Wade, whose PER is 24.8 while Pippen’s was 21. So if you find yourself disgusted by the dominance of the Heat and hatin’ on their three stars for conspiring to get together to unbalance the league, know that you’re impressions are correct. They have unbalanced the league. Haters.

The streak has been fascinating to watch. It’s astonishing how difficult it is to win in this league. As talented as the Heat are, they narrowly escaped in a number of these games, one against Boston without Rondo and Garnett and another against a horrid Magic team that they absolutely should have lost if not for the intervention of some straight up game-fixing officiating at the end.

I don’t know if the Heat will match LA’s record of 33 consecutive wins, but it goes to show the level of talent, fortune, and determination it takes to even have a shot at it, and make no mistake, these guys do have a shot at it. They are wasting a lot of their luck points right now though. I expect Wade’s knee or Bosh’s spine to self-combust in mid-fast break sometime in game 33. Nothing can harm LeBron though. I’m 90% certain he was once a humble physicist named Bruce Banner.


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