2013 NBA Finals – Game 6 – Popavich Blows It


Well I called a Miami win tonight, but I thought they’d actually, you know, outplay the Spurs. Which they didn’t.

I’d like to congratulate Coach Popavich for outwitting himself. I’m not even a Spurs fan, and I’m so disgusted there’s no way I’m going to be able to sleep for a good couple of hours. San Antonio had no business losing that game whether or not those last two overtime possessions were fouls on Miami (they seemed to be). The refs didn’t need to be a problem. Did we learn nothing from Vogel taking out his best defender for the last play of game 1 in the ECF? Why is Duncan out? He really can’t defend Mike Miller? And on the last possession of regulation, you don’t foul? Really? REALLY?

I’m not even impressed by how amazing LeBron was in the fourth quarter, and I can’t even remember how great Duncan was in the first half. All I’ll remember about this game is that I’ve never seen a team have a title sewn up and blow it so badly.

EDIT: It’s 9:30 the next morning, and I still can’t believe a veteran, champion team like the Spurs squandered a 5 point lead in last 20 seconds of a Finals clinching knock-out game. This is worse than the Jazz letting Jordan beat them in 1998, Reggie’s take down of the Knicks, or Bird stealing Isiah’s pass. The Spurs didn’t turn it over. The Heat didn’t make some miracle happen. San Antonio just failed to rebound because the best coach in the league decided he didn’t need his best defender and rebounder and 3 time finals MVP in the game to seal the victory and then didn’t want to foul in the closing possession when only a 3 pointer could beat you with Ray Allen and Mike Miller on the floor for the other team. I just… I mean… Aren’t you flabbergasting about this?


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